5 things to avoid in your diet to have healthier teeth

We can’t put it any more simply than this: some things are healthier than others.

Obviously, it’s up to you to choose what you eat and drink, but if you go for the less
healthy options, you’ll have to see us more often in the end. Which means time and

To help you, we’ve put together a basic list of five things you really, really want to
avoid to have healthier teeth. Here it is.

Sticky candies and sweets.

It’s a good idea to avoid sweets altogether, but should
you eat them, go for the ones that clear out of your mouth quickly. No caramels and
lollipops and no cough drops that contain refined sugar, either.


The effects of chocolate on preventing cavities has been widely pro-
moted (largely by studies funded by the candy industry). However, it’s not been to-
tally proven, so while chocolate may not be as harmful as sweets, it’s still better to
avoid it. Should you still crave for it, choose dark chocolate with 70% cocoa, which
does have at least some health benefits.

Carbonated soft drinks

They really are terrible, as they are the leading source of
added sugar among kids and teenagers. Plus they are not only loaded with sugar.
They also contain phosphoric and citric acids, that wear away your tooth enamel.

Starchy food

Right, it doesn’t really do your teeth any harm as far as cavities & co.
go, but soft breads and potato chips can easily get trapped between your teeth. And
if they do, they will do your teeth no good.

Dry mouth

Alcohol and many medicines dry your mouth leaving it exposed to in-
fection. To avoid this, talk to us about getting a fluoride rinse, or a fluoride gel for
brushing your teeth.