Alena Seličová


Alena became a qualified nurse in 1994 and started working at the abdominal surgery department. She also worked as a teacher at a kindergarten, though, which means she’s really good with children. Yep, Alena is always happy to work with kids.

She returned to being a nurse in 2004 and focused on dental surgery. She now has 13 years of experience and countless conferences and seminars to prove her expertise.

Perhaps most importantly, Alena is very friendly and happy to see you smile.


The heart and soul of our clinic and our inspiration is Prof. MUDr. Martin Tvrdoň CSc. We are a team of dental specialists with years of experience and we offer dental care of the highest quality along with fair prices. However, we want to offer a lot more to make sure that when you visit Dr. Martin, you know this is YOUR dentist.