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Dear parents, if your baby’s first tooth appears, this is the right time to take your child for the first dental visit. The world of dental care is mainly a place where we learn to take care of our health, but with us, you will find that it is also a place of entertainment.

From the first tooth

The development of teeth is individual for each child. The first teeth may be cut as early as six months of age. At that time, your baby may seem to experience fever, trouble sleeping, general irritability or drooling. However, we guarantee that you will get to your doctor at our clinic without waiting.

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What happens at your child’s first dental visit?

We understand that an unfamiliar environment can be stressful for the youngest patients. Our specifically trained dentists for pediatric patients are also great psychologists, storytellers and most reliable friends, which our youngest clients will immediately get to like.

After the initial fear of the unknown, our dentists will introduce your child to the dental clinic in an enjoyable way. They will show your child various dental tools and how they work. We are ready to answer even the most difficult questions not only from children but also from their parents.

We will be happy to convince you of the absolute comfort and safety of your child. The presence of parents during the treatment is a matter of course for us.

It is extremely important for us that the first visit is carried out in a friendly manner and that it results in a good feeling, which is essential for the building of trust. A positive attitude toward the dentist at an early age will affect the perception of other dental examinations during adolescence or in adulthood.

What are the problems related to your children’s teeth?

Your child’s dental problems can be the same ones that affect adults whether it is tooth decay, bad habits or poor dental care. It is necessary to pay increased attention to the primary teeth as they serve as the basis of a healthy oral cavity or permanent teeth.

Our dentists will become professional consultants for parents. They examine baby teeth to be sure they grow correctly. In the case that the teeth development is going in the wrong direction, or if an injury or other unexpected event requires major intervention, your child can undergo general anaesthesia under the supervision of our top anesthesiologist with 25 years of experience. We are here for you to ensure your child’s mouth develops healthily.

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