Professional dental hygiene is the way how to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible.

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You have certainly come across the term dental hygiene. It is a preventive and curative dental treatment which removes tartar and colour pigmentation from the tooth surface.It plays a very important role either if you suffer from periodontitis or you are going for a dental examination. It also plays a key role in preventative dental care.

A beautiful smile comes with a regular cleaning

Food, coffee or tea consumption and smoking can lead to tartar formation and colour pigmentation. Therefore, we recommend experiencing a dental cleaning twice a year, or our dentist may suggest more frequent visits. Dental hygiene is not a painful procedure if patients take appropriate and regular care of their teeth. The pain originates only with inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) or sensitive tooth necks. Our dental hygiene experts take on a role similar to a dental examination and if they identify a problem in your mouth, they will immediately refer you to a dentist’s office.

Smile as a reflection of your healt

Although dental hygiene is mainly a preventative dental procedure, it also decreases the formation of bacteria and creates a natural and healthy environment in the oral cavity. A regular dental cleaning can help patients to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis, and it also contributes significantly to a patient’s overall comfort.