Dental hygiene

What is dental hygiene?

We all wish to preserve our own natural teeth for as long as possible and that’s exactly what dental hygiene is for. It’s also very important if you suffer from periodontitis or plan to visit your dentist. However, the key role of dental hygiene is prevention.

What does dental hygiene include?

Dental hygiene is one of the preventive methods, where we’ll remove tartar, plaque, pigmentation caused by drinking coffee and tea or smoking. Fluoridation is the next step and then we’ll tell you how to brush your teeth properly and how ideal care is performed.

What are the effects of dental hygiene?

Dental hygiene serves to create a natural and healthy environment in your mouth and also limits bacteria. It thus prevents gum inflammation and periodontitis and makes the dentist’s job a lot easier. The most important thing is this, though: it makes you feel a lot more comfortable.


Dental hygiene helps you avoid more complicated and costly treatment, so we really do recommend it twice a year. If you suffer from periodontitis and other diseases, follow the advice of the dental hygienist. In particularly acute situations, such as bleeding and swelling, immediate action is often necessary.


It is crucial not to postpone dental hygiene. Doing this may lead to losing what you care about most – your teeth.