When a person loses a part of a permanent tooth as a result of an injury or dental caries, the ideal solution for the missing teeth can be a prosthetic device.

Prosthetic dentistry focuses on preserving the natural tooth and its restoration. It is not only an aesthetic but also a functional restoration of imperfect teeth.

Dental veneers

The veneers procedure is a simple, quick and non-invasive treatment in case you have lost a part of your tooth. The veneer is an aesthetic shell of ceramic material which is indistinguishable from a natural tooth. The veneers procedure is relatively fast and easy and it is mostly used for aesthetic reasons.


Dental crowns

A dental crown is made from ceramic or metal-ceramic material. It is a fixed prosthetic device, which is attached to a damaged tooth. It is not only an aesthetic but also a supportive cloak for your new smile. The dental crown is manufactured in our modern laboratory, where we either create it using 3D CAD-CAM technology or manually produce it for each patient.

Dental implants