Stomatology for children

We do everything for our kid clients

Few things, if any, are more important than the health of your children. And this also concerns teeth. The problem is, you might have to wait for half a year or even a year to get an appointment. Fortunately, at Dr. Martin, we don’t just provide the kids with the best care, but also offer comfortable environment and a very friendly approach. And all of that without you having to wait for far too long. Ladies and gentlemen, meet MUDr. Kristina Kardelis

Together & slowly: What is the first appointment like?

We regard the quality of our programme as absolutely crucial and that’s exactly why Kristina takes care of our little clients. She’s a stomatologist specifically trained in children care. She will first walk your kid through the whole clinic, show him or her the equipment and all the secret places.

Once they get to know each other and become friends, it’s time to move on. We do realise how specific children care is, so we think it’s only natural that you’re present during the whole treatment.

Our clinic is ready to provide you with everything you may need: a complex tooth examination, treatment of different kinds and care that will make you feel just like home. We’re ready to make sure the teeth of our little clients develop in a healthy way. And we waste no time. This is our golden rule: the sooner you come to see us, the less often you’ll have to come to see us in the future. And that’s a promise

As an experienced professional, Kristina knows pretty much everything about how specific children care can be. We know it’s not enough for the stomatologist to just be a skilled dentist. He or she also needs to be a good psychologist and a very good friend.

Feel good and feel no pain

When you visit our clinic, we do everything to make sure it’s actually a great experience.

First, we’ll get to know the chair, which is more like a magical seat, really. We’ll find out what needs to be done and talk about what’s ahead of us.

We know how important it is to prepare the kids for any treatment and with our highly trained team members, we know exactly what to do. We’ll do everything not just for your kid but also for you to feel comfortable – actually, that’s exactly why we discuss your expectations first.

We want everything to go smoothly and with no pain involved whatsoever. That’s why we always administer premedication before the treatment – and once it’s administered, all fear is gone just like that! In special cases, we also use general anaesthesia, obviously administered by qualified members of our staff.

Basically, all that remains after your visit, is just the feel good factor.

What’s the most important thing?

With kids, trust between them, the parents and the clinic is always key.

However, fun and patience are also crucial. Our common goal is for your kid to be responsible and to create a habit of taking care of his or her own teeth from an early age. Your first visit is an important first step. Waste no time and book an appointment with Kristina as soon as possible.