Our team of treatment coordinators is here for you.

Get a tailor-made treatment plan and our treatment coordinator will help you in every step of your treatment process. The treatment coordinator plans your visits and treatments at our clinic, thus saving you time and money. Our treatment coordinators play a vital role in supporting all our patients in their treatment journeys and helping them to achieve their dream smile.

How much will it cost?

Our dedicated coordinator will help you with the selection of dental materials for a specific procedure and explain the differences in their quality and price. Finally, the coordinator will help you to choose the solution best suited for you. If you want or need to undergo several procedures, we will create a personalised treatment plan for you, so that visits are as efficient as possible in terms of time and money.

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What will be the procedure and duration of my treatment?

Our dedicated coordinator will present you with the whole treatment plan in advance and divide it into individual visits at our clinic so that the treatment proceeds according to your ideas.

Contact one of our treatment coordinators, they will be happy to answer all your questions and will assist you through every stage of your treatment journey.