We want you to feel good about your smile.

All services under one roof

We provide a wide range of aesthetic procedures to perform a complete smile makeover, one of them example teeth whitening. However, if your natural teeth are damaged, dental veneers or bridges are a suitable dental solution. In the case of orthodontic problems, invisible removable aligners or fixed braces are a suitable option. Dental implants are a solution for those who suffer from missing teeth. If you are considering full mouth reconstruction, we offer our clients the ALL ON 4 or ALL ON 6 method, or mini implants. You can contact us and we will always advise you as best we can.


Teeth whitening

We use the Beyond Whitening System from the American company Beyond Dental & Health for teeth whitening. Before whitening treatment, we will examine your teeth to ensure they are in good enough health to undergo the treatment and you will also get a professional dental cleaning.

Dental hygiene

Step by step

We will start by applying a protective silicone to your gums. During the procedure, the whitening gel is applied to the front teeth which are then exposed to the accelerator light. This part of the procedure is really important, therefore it is usually repeated three times. The whole procedure does not take more than an hour. Your teeth will finally be coated with fluoride paste. After you have your teeth whitened, we recommend avoiding smoking and staining foods and beverages for 48 hours. 

Teeth whitening