At our clinic, we perform all the procedures, thanks to which it is possible to save and keep not only your teeth but also a smile on your face.

All procedures are preceded by a consultation

Do not postpone your dental visit

Congenital deformities can often be repaired by surgical corrections until complete aesthetic and functional rehabilitation. The situation is more complicated with acquired diseases or deformities, as the client often causes them himself and by postponing the procedure, the condition gets worse.

Avoiding difficulties

Planning ahead of the procedure can be the key to your health. Oral disease can spread from the focus of the infection to other organs – ears, eyes, upper jaw, and the brain which is close by. The key is therefore the cooperation of each client in order to stop the disease in the oral cavity.

What about dental implants?

Dental surgery may concern you even if you have an interest in dental implants and in case your teeth are not in perfect condition. In such a case, the implant insertion is preceded by thorough preparation, which guarantees that the whole procedure will be successful. Surgical tooth extraction or a bone graft may be required. The bone grafting procedure of the upper jaw helps to strengthen and stabilize that area of the jaw and is performed to ensure the following insertion and acceptance of the implant without any problems.