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Professor Tvrdoň Guarantee

With over 56 years of experience, MUDr. Tvrdoň guarantees the quality of not just our treatment but our doctors, too. Each of our dentists is a top class specialist in his or her ...
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Fair prices

Prices are often regarded as too high and to be honest, treatment really can be costly. The technology to provide quality care is not cheap in itself. When we invest in our equipme...
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Complex entrance examination

The entrance examination is a complex procedure, during which the dentist thoroughly checks the oral cavity of the patient. Basic information is gathered and a treatment proposal i...
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5-year guarantee?

What does the 5-year guarantee include? Well, we guarantee quality and work you can rely on as well as materials that will last for five years at least. What will we take care of? ...
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Private parking

These are some frantic times. Everyone’s in a hurry and we know we can’t afford to waste our clients’ time. This means you won’t lose any of your precious time looking for ...
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19 Top class branches

Each branch is equipped with modern technology and each of them is ready to deal with any of your dental problems. Our clinic is also equipped with a 3D CT machine, also known as 3...
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