Tooth decay can lead to serious problems and may have an impact on the condition of the teeth. If this happens, endodontic treatment is needed.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal is a treatment of the tooth when tooth decay has penetrated the pulp and has damaged it. The endodontically treated tooth is very fragile and therefore it is recommended to treat it with a ceramic or metal-ceramic crown.

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Getting to the root of the problem

Root canal treatment is the solution if we want to prevent tooth extraction and further spread of bacteria into the bone or blood circulation. When left untreated, prolonged inflammation can even cause other health complications. The procedure is a part of our common dental practice and it is performed painlessly using local anaesthesia.

When is a root canal treatment needed?

In most cases, endodontic treatment is necessary due to deep tooth decay, also after an injury which caused traumatic dental injuries and if there has been a structural disruption and opening of the pulp chamber. The endodontic treatment is also indicated for cases when the tooth will be able to serve as a pillar of prosthetic dental workafter the treatment.

When the human vision is limited, the microscope begins

The success rate of endodontic treatment in more complex cases has multiplied thanks to a specialized dental microscope. Optical magnification has expanded the horizons of dentistry, so the patient can be treated with maximum accuracy. In addition, the microscope helps the doctor look at the area around the tooth, which guarantees the most effective treatment.