Restorative dentistry


Restorative stomatology is often called the queen of stomatology. It is used when oral hygiene is neglected, when you don’t follow your diet or simply when your organism is unable to naturally fight tooth decay.

What does restorative stomatology include?

First and foremost, you want to avoid tooth decay altogether. If it appears, you want to have it dealt with in no time. Restorative stomatology removes decay and uses fillings where it once used to be. It also serves as disinfection and keeps any infection from reaching tooth marrow also known as tooth nerve.

However, if it’s too late and tooth marrow has already been affected, it’s time for endodontics – the tooth is healed and basically saved as such.

What are the effects of restorative stomatology?

Restorative stomatology protects your teeth from decay in the first place. We’re also able to conserve your teeth and make sure they remain healthy for as long as possible. This means the effect is not just that you can smile freely, but you also know your teeth are healthy and well.

Why do we recommend restorative stomatology?

We only turn to restorative stomatology once it’s absolutely necessary. What we really do recommend is thorough and constant preventive care to make sure you’ll never ever need restorative care at all. We therefore advise you to read the dental hygiene section in the first place.


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